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Our team of experienced consultants has a deep understanding in identifying opportunities.

Accounting & Finance

At ABS, we highly value transparency. Maintaining a reliable record of your firm’s financials will help us understand where you stand and how we can foment future growth for your business. For any business owner, having a clear understanding of where you’re at is essential for long-term success. ABS will always advocate for having nothing less than the best structure in accounting and bookkeeping management. You must have a qualified and experienced CPA to manage a law firm’s finances, as it will ensure you have the most up-to-date and accurate statements at any time.
Accounting & Finance

Firm Operations

One of our goals at ABS is to find the best way to improve firms’ outdated processes by streamlining daily operations, thereby increasing productivity throughout your practice. To accomplish this, we will first discuss your goals, and we will then ensure you have the right processes and people to make those goals come into fruition. We believe surrounding yourself with a well-prepared team that shares your vision is a must; you can spend thousands on outside costs, such as advertising and creating incredible marketing campaigns; however, if your team is not equipped to handle it, your money has been wasted.


At ABS, we partner with clients at every level of their law firm to drive transformational change and impact in key areas of legal practice management. Our team understands that while internal firm capability is fueled by technology, it is also rooted in its people and processes. We work with our clients to streamline these processes, all the while maximizing operational and marketing efficiency and effectiveness.


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