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    Growing your business is our goal.

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    Growing your business is our goal.


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You Are The Focus

Growing your business is our goal. We believe in taking your vision and making it a reality by providing strategic direction and implementation of management and financial systems to optimize growth and future potential. 

Our Expertise

ABS will work with you and your team to identify needed changes and then create a tailored plan for your firm’s personnel, performance and financial needs.  Included, but not limited services entail implementation of accounting and audit systems, legal practice management, HR systems, case management software and marketing campaigns.  

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Our Services

The Practice of Business

The development and implementation of new systems and processes is a high-stakes venture in organizations. Although system and process initiatives enable access to growth opportunities, the risks can be intimidating. Time, budget spend, organizational focus, staffing requirements and training can seem overwhelming.  To address the complexity of advancing such projects, we will work with you to create and/or optimize systems and processes comprised of four essential elements: Accounting, Audits, Business Management and Business Development & Master Training.  When intertwined and operating optimally, these processes will drive the future of the organization to high-rewards. 

Accounting | Finance

Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting Payroll Processing, Tax Compliance, Forecasting.


Vendor, Software, Marketing, Website, Social Media, Operational Performance.

Business Management, Development and Master-Training

Performance Management, Forecasts Human Resources, Management Reporting Business Compliance

Our Team


Alli Bader Silva

As a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of management and business development experience, Alli is known for driving brand growth, maximizing operational excellence and delivering financial performance. Alli is a high-performing and deeply analytical leader whose passion for driving business growth through creativity, financial discipline, community service and outreach, and team effort, is palpable from the moment you meet her. 

Alli’s successful career track led her to serve as Firm Administrator and Business Development Director at one of Georgia’s largest personal injury law firms.  Her involvement and commitment to service in the community brought tremendous growth to the firm,  resulting in over 1 million dollars recovered for her personally referred clients, and an overall 161% NET income increase in 2021. 

Alli has also served as Chief Financial Officer at a start-up law firm where she led branding, marketing and operations, and managed the company’s growth and development pipeline from its inception and for a decade thereafter. 


Perla Calderon

Perla  is an accomplished and innovative leader, delivering customer-focused solutions from strategy development, project management, organizational transformation, and operational improvement. She joined ABS Consulting as the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer in 2022. 

As a member of ABS Consulting’s executive team, she is responsible for the oversight and execution of program management, implementation, and process improvement initiatives.  

Prior to joining ABS Consulting, Perla served as Director of Firm Operations at one of Georgia’s largest personal injury law firms where her strong analytical and leadership skills lead the firm to a positive restructure in performance, culture, talent and client growth and retention.  


Our Mission is providing organizations strategic direction to achieve extraordinary results, outperform the competition, and redefine the legal and medical industries.

Scott Hart Attorney

Alli and Perla are highly knowledgeable and professional. They know exactly how determine the strengths and weaknesses of a law office! I highly recommend ABS!!

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